Is there a sleep mode on uniti star

Hi everyone, hope everyone is ok

Is there a sleep mode on the uniti star?

Yes, there is ‘network standby’ mode in which the streamer remains discoverable by the app, and deep sleep mode where you have to press the power button to wake it.

Thank you, I mean a mode where I can put a timer on before it turns off, I.e. if I’m going to sleep with music playing and wish for it to turn off in say 60 or 120 minutes?

You can set it up so when the music stops it shuts it’s self off in 10 minutes. It’s in settings menu

Thank you, I like to listen to Radio, so it won’t shut off, is there an actual timer setting to shut it off?

The timer will only turn the Star off after play has finished, so it won’t really do what you want. OK if you l play an album or playlist, but not for radio.

Ok nice one, maybe it’s something Naim can do as update on software

And maybe add an option to have the time displayed as the default and in 24 hour format, only swtiching to input/what is playing when you change channel, as the unitlite does.

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That’s an excellent idea

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