Is there a way to bypass Uniti Atom's DAC?

Hi all, I am playing with diff DAC’s on my second system and wanted to try a diff DAC using the Atom’s streamer. Since there is only analogue out of the Atom that means you have to use the onboard DAC. If analogue out goes into an external DAC it is already been converted correct?


Hi, you can only use an external dac with an optical or coaxial output, or usb. You won’t be able to do this with an atom. ie you can’t take the digital transport signal out to a dac and then back to the atom for amplification.

Correct, Atom/Star/Nova have no digital out, hence no way to use the streamer without the inbuilt DAC.
(Only way out would be multiroom-over-network. But that brings you back to other Naim streaming/playback devices.)

Only the dedicated streamers have a digital out. (So using alternative DACs is an option there.)

And the UnitiQute.

Several of the 1st gen Unitis and streamer/preamps had digital out, although this does not allow you to use them as the OP wanted as you cannot feed the same signal back into the analogue input.

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