Is there any news about new pre/power amps?

Recently see a lot of sale for 282, 250DR, etc. Any rumors?

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What good is a rumour?

Well I’ve heard a rumor that people are selling expensive luxury items so that they can put food on the table. Something about a mass global recession I think.

Naim don’t leak rumors and dealers tend to find out just days before any release with strict information embargoes. I’d not read anything into it.


So we need a mole then … ?

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But the Naim factory is above ground. And moles are nearly blind.


Bear in mind that it’s generally good practice for dealers to turn over their demo gear every year to keep it fresh.


Absolutely… standard practice with demo equipment too. Keep your eyes peeled… you might be able to get a great bargain… your dealer will likely be doing with with Naim and non Naim, and still often get full warranty… and it’s run in :blush:

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And if the buyer doesn’t feel the urge to buy the latest equipment, just because it’s the … latest;
These are the moments to buy smart

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But on the other hand I think it’s time to refresh the product line maybe

Are you sure? Remember we are in the middle of a global pandemic. With many staff having to work at home, and the logistical and supply issues that come with that, now may not be the best time for a big launch. But what do I know…?


My theory is that with more people spending more time at home, money that could have been spent on holidays has found it’s way into audio systems and upgrades, with upgrades comes more second hand goods

The money I would have wasted on holidays , has found its way into Shawline cables, Ecosse power supplies, Titan power blocks and essentials like Calvados and Armagnac


A quick look at Audio T’s clearance list doesn’t show any obvious sell off of amps, there are as many ND555s as 250s for instance, along with a Nait XS3 which certainly isn’t ripe for an update.

Theoretically. In practice, the large maiority of people will cut expenses, buy avoiding non basics needs. i’m with @Richard.Dane here: Naim its not a Sony in terms of dimension, so (and because is products are well design/ and still good) i think can hold a season or two, until clarification of status quo

Translation please?

Translation, or rather my understanding:

Naim products are of currently high enough quality (compared to the competition) that they can afford to postpone the launch of new developments until the new normal is established.


I agree with Richard, with all that goes with the pandemic how would you get to hear the new gear. I would think if Naim had anything new, and I’m sure they probably have as they dont stand still it will be nearer a autumn release when hopefully we will be able to socialise a bit more freely.

thanks, Nigel.

And I add: Sony has the financial power and resources to do what they want,
whenever they want.
Smaller manufacturers do not.

Yes, I assumed the Sony bit was understood.

Foolishly I glanced at the Cymbiosis website this morning. I see that Peter is selling on his demo Kudos loudspeakers. Would someone please hurry up and take those 808s off the market before I have to raid the piggy bank!


it was directioned to @anon23139555