Is there any vinyl in your collection you're afraid to play?

I bought a copy of the Sam Records reissue of this a couple of years ago. It was limited to 300 copies and is a gorgeous object in itself. I’m generally not precious about valuable records, but it feels almost sacrilegious to unseal it and play it. Amazingly, the vendor included what appears to be a plain-packaged “playing copy” as well as the original, so it’s not going to stop me enjoying it.

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When Song Remains the Same was released, I was 16. I was standing there in Tower Records in San Francisco, waiting for them to open the crates. I bought two of them. that day, I also re-bought one of each of their previous releases. I still have them all…unopened. I will never play them, in a Spinal Tappian way…. I of course, played one of the SRTS records a million times…and by the way, saw SRTS in the theatre back then 58 times (I counted) in cities all across CA, mainly at rowdy Midnight Movie showings, where the film would break, everyone would go nuts, light come on, sometimes, if the fix wasn’t quick, almost fights, then back to the film at full (lousy) volume…



I have a TEAC analogue to digital recorder. When I get a new record (which is already from a second hand bin), I clean it and then record it for posterity. I’ve redone some recordings due to upgraded cartridge or deck. But basically once I have the digital backup, I feel like there’s a safety net and am free to spin the original disc as much as I like.

Besides, I don’t have a turntable in every system but I still want access to the entire collection and this lets me do it.

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No none. I have a few valuable records but I play whatever I fancy. Not much point having them if you don’t play them.



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This is really heartening! I’m glad I kicked myself X) Thank you for all the comments :slight_smile:

Firstly most ‘valuable’ records are only valuable if you find someone prepared to pay a ‘Discogs’ or ‘Record Mirror’ valuation and if you do find someone then I’d bite their hand off and spend the cash on more music or a holiday.

The amount of rare or valuable records not available on reissue either on CD, Record or file is very small.

A slight tangent - How do you clean your stylus and vinyl? Any suggestions?

For last forty years have never cleaned a record, but always put back in sleeve asap - all are still very playable even 60 year ones previously played with heavy pickups.

Stylus is cleaned with photo puffer to remove fluff, with Audio Technical vibrator occasionally and ancient piece of Linn “Green Stuff” from time to time.

Are expensive vinyl cleaners or other processes better - comments, please……


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