Is there likely to be another NDS equivalent?

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As the Classic range now just has the NDX2 is it likely that the NDS will ever make a return and fill the gap between the NDX2 and the ND555?


I understand the difficulty was to get above the NDS in SQ with the ND555. Perhaps in the next iteration of DAC chipsets, there is more room for a dac below the 500 series.

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I don’t believe there is a sonic gap that needs filling between NDX2 & ND555. There is a significant price gap between the ‘basic’ units, but add a PSU to the NDX2 & the sonic gap closes but more significantly the price gap.

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It’s interesting (and expected I guess) that NDS prices have firmed up significantly recently…the people who have them (like me!) don’t want to part with them …and those that want one is growing again…

As I understand things, the fact that the NDS was in the Classic range is not because Naim wanted 2 streamers in the Classic range, but rather it was not up to their standards for putting it in the 500 range.

If this is right, there probably is no pent-up desire to put another streamer, above the NDX2, but in the Classic range.

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