Is there still a ’max volume’ option on the Naim app?

I’ve seen mention of it on old threads, but can’t see it in the app.

Or is it just for the Uniti models? I’m using an ND5XS2.


Are you using the ND5XS2 with variable volume? If the ND5XS2 is in fixed volume mode, even if it has a max volume option it will of course not have an effect (nor, I guess, be offered in the app) .

Edit: For testing I turned off system automation and set the NDX2 to variable volume, but I can’t find a max volume setting anywhere.

On my 272, it’s still available …


@Klout10 Where is it on the app?

I can’t find that setting anywhere on my app, using an NDX2.
iOS 15.1
Naim app 5.23

EDIT: I just checked one of my Muso QB’s and the Max Volume adjustment is still present.
Found it under: Settings, Other Settings.

As a further update, although the “Max Volume “ setting option appears on my Muso QB1, it is not present on my Muso QB2.

On my Nova, my 272 and my SuperUnitis, max volume is in its usual place in “Audio Settings” in the drop down menu behind the cog or gear wheel for each streamer.

Hi @Steeve

The standalone streamers are really intended as fixed gain devices to plug into an external preamp. The digital volume is there as a way to workaround some steaming services certifications + some users like the convenience as well (volume sliders working on Spotify, Airplay etc).

We don’t do the max volume as there is no positive gain in the digital volume and we assume that there is a volume control else where in the system.

On Naim streaming products that have a full volume circuit built in (nova, star, atom etc) then they have 16dB of gain in the circuit, hence max vol is appealing based on musical tastes, speaker sensitivity, power of power amp used etc.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


I have a Uniti Star so this may not apply to those who go have separates. I normally used to keep the max volume setting at around 60% to make the volume slider less sensitive using the app on a smartphone.

Recently thought about the effect it might have on SQ. The official word is that it shouldn’t but I can swear after long listening session, that I lose a little punch and detail, particularly in the highs. I’ve set back to 100%.

Can someone tell me I’m crazy and making it up in my head? Not sure how the setting works technically.

I may give it a shot, but I think it’s one of those things we overthink.

I am more than happy temporarily using my Nova with variable line out and Max volume setting as a source to 282/active system - sounds bloody great.

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