Is Theresa May after a sainthood?

How many initiatives can she start before the removal vans arrive? How much is she going to ‘spend’ and tie her successor down?

Well, that debate is dire! Boris should have sent in a blond wig which would have talked more sense than him. To be fair to Boris, Maitlis talks all over him as soon as he opens his gob, which of course might not be a bad thing.

If she want’s a sainthood then she should revoke Article 50.

Now now people let’s keep away from Brexit or Richard will again remove the whole thread and there’s lots of fun to be had watching and commenting on the political shenanigans in the UK without winding ourselves up on matters of substance!


This is the sort of hard hitting political reporting that demonstrates what a fine paper the Daily Mail is. It’s a shame they missed making the jibe about him changing partners more often than socks.


This is true, and then all we are left with is System pics and rehashed post!

Stick to facts, and present ideas and quotes from post-modern politicians who fabricate for personal gains!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and surely one can see if a politician is worthy of a position that impacts our lives on a daily basis.

And when it’s all said and done, the common denominator is the dollar, which is directly related to TRADE!!!


East - China (2), Japan (3), India (6)

EU - Germany (4), UK (5), France (7), Italy (9)

West- USA , CAN (10), or Mexico (15)

PS. Wow! We be rollin again!

That’s more like it! Boris’s inside out dirty sock as a metaphor for his approach to politics and life!



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