Is this a good next upgrade step

Dear Forum,

I have a Naim 122x / Nap150 Flatcap 2, main source is an Lp12 , mid spec @ Akurate level.

One box solutions, seem to be offering excellent performance, and these 3 units do take up a fair amount of shelf real estate.

Question: Is a move to a Supernait 2 or 3 going to yield improvement?, or am I missing a trick? I can find vgc Supernait 2’s for @£1600-£1700 and I guess selling my current Naim separates will probably contribute a £1000-1200.

I do steam from a Marantz streamer , and have a pretty decent Trichord Dino/Dino + phono stage. Also have several headphone amps.

Speakers are Neat Classic SX.

My LP12 was heavily rebuilt adding the Karousel bearing, Ling, o new plinth etc, running an Alphason HR100 MCS ( recently serviced and rewired by J7) with Dynavector 17D3

Many thanks in advance.

You will probably hear an improvement from SN2/3 over 112/150/flatcap, but it will be relatively minor.
As you have already the Trichord phono, better then a SN2 over SN3, for the cost too.
But I think your turntable deserves more, IMO. I would more go to 282/ hicap/ 150.
All depends if downsizing the number of boxes is a priority or not.

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If you often listen to Marantz I’d start from the streamer. Not sure if you should keep it if you’re thinking about the upgrade to SN2/SN3.
To me, Marantz gives a horrible sound being connected to a proper amp.

I think it broadly a good idea given your concern about shelving. The speakers will thank you for increased quality and more power.

The price to change might be rather higher than you think. Many of us tend to think that the car, camera, hi-fi that we have for sale is more valuable than it really is.

My advice is to buy the newest item you can, to delay the cost of recapping.

Lovely arm on your Linn.

Thanks, Streamer is more for casual convenience and keeping the miles down on the Dynavector.


Great speakers. First step 282, I happened to hear a 282/150 pairing a few years back, it’s a great pairing.

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I wouldn’t miss out the 202/200 combo in your thinking. I had your set up… I love what I now have.

Thanks Chris, I do like the Alphason, works really well on the Lp12 with the 17D3

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