Is this Hi-Line still good?

Good evening everybody.

A used Hi-Line just arrived and the tail was slightly disconnected from the body.
With a soft push I connected the tail to the body, yet there is a little gap between body and tail, more than with my other Hi-Line.

It does not really look broken and the gap is only apparent in comparison with the other Hi-Line.

Is it still good and will the Air-Plug still work or is this broken?

Any experiences out there?

Pictures for illustration:

It looks like its been compressed on one side during removal… i had a similar issue with one of mine, a gentle bit of pressure to straighten the kink returned it to normal orientation and released the band.


Thanks for your reply, @Deeg
Sounds reassuring.

Not sure though what “released the band” is referring to?

Sorry if not clear… The second band out from the plug is ‘locked’ in a rigid position… so when straightened the joint is flexible again.

That looks like a broken sleeve to me. That happened to mine but further back towards the cable end. It went back to Naim for repair. Even though I bought it seconds hand they repaired it free of charge.

Well, the tails holds the position as shown in the picture where the Hi-Line is installed, the cable is hanging free. It´s just a bit more flexible/wobbly than the other Hi-Line, but it does not feel like it would be falling apart any moment…

Oh I C, thanks.
There is some wishful thinking that the Air-Plug was still good enough to perform it’s magic.

This is mine after the gentle straightening… there was a ‘click’ sound as it reseated. Apologies for the dust :joy:

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Have you fully inserted and then pulled back a touch until it grips?

Gets the best out of it ime.


I think there was a click sound here as well:

And we should talk about dusting :sweat_smile:

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Now I did, with both, thanks, did not know about this little tweak

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Believe this is valid for all DIN connectors, right? I can feel the DIN grab the female connector no matter brand when pulling it out 1-2mm.

Not sure about all, but it’s certainly recommended for the HiLine.


If anything I would expect it to be more beneficial to pull back other DIN plugs, as it gives them some mechanical decoupling that the HiLine has designed in.

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I had a Hiline that looked like that - I sent a photograph to Naim, it was repaired free of charge.
I think they’ve stopped offering free repairs now.

Thanks @SamClaus and @JosquinDesPrez for pointing out that a repair might be necessary.

As I bought this one second hand I hesitate to contact my dealer. Did you get in touch with Naim directly?

It doesn’t look right and may be either a misaligned or broken segment.

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In my experience with the Hiline, when there is any sign of a break (as it looks to be in your case) it’s always best to return it to your dealer for Naim to take a look at. Is that an option for you? It’s an incredibly fragile assembly and it doesn’t take much to break it and cause suboptimal performance. When it’s all in order and fitted correctly it’s a wonderful cable. Good luck.

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No, I went through the dealer - but I’d bought it new. HiLines have to be treated with extreme care, I still have no idea how one of the segments broke - probably just the weight of the cable. This is the photograph I sent to Naim.

I can understand this being a good cable, above the Lavender, but below the Super Lumina.

What I can’t understand, however, is why it was made so fragile. It appears that even in normal use, it may get damaged by the slightest mis-handling.

Given that the cables are at the rear of the components and not always easy to get to, it is a strange situation.

I like the look of them and had considered them, but was put off by the bad reports of them seen on this forum.

Are there any plans in the future, for them to be re-engineered to make them a bit more user friendly and robust?


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