Is this needed?

Does this “plug” serve any other purpose other than covering these unused connectors? Or can it be removed?

Unless you are running your NAC282 with a Supercap or a pair of HICAPs then yes, you’ll need to keep the link plug in place otherwise your pre-amp won’t work properly.


The pins of the plug inside the Link 2 socket form necessary connections.

I figured but thanks for confirming

The 282 preamp came with 2 link plugs, the one I pictured and another small round one. Do they both function the same way?

Yes, the NAC282 can be used in three upgrade steps; first is to have it powered by a suitable power amp like a NAP200, which has a small pre-amp supply inside. In this configuration both link plugs are fitted.

Next is to dedicate a power supply (e.g. HICAP) to power the analogue circuitry of the NAC282. Here you will remove the small round link plug to allow use of the “upgrade 1” socket. And then the next step after that is to dedicate either a pair of power supplies (e.g. 2 HICAPs) or both supplies of a single Supercap; here both link plugs are removed. Be sure to keep them in a safe place - I recommend inside the original packing box.


The upgrade path Im familiar with, for now I want to unplug the one pictured and plug the smaller round link plug into the same “Link 2” DIN.

So, do both supplied link plugs operate the exact same way?

Why would you want to do that? Each link plug is specific for their place and have different pin layouts.

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Because the large link plug has some strange discoloration/corrosion on the pins. The smaller one does not. I doubt this is tied to my other issue but I figured if I could just swap them then I would.

Those nice people in St. Albans will sell you a shiny new one for 8 quid +p&p.

Useful advice, @suzywong, the OP is an area of 120volts, but hasn’t provided any region indication, which the OP noted in a connected thread on a related issue, about the same NAC282.
@Richard.Dane may have already spotted the duplication, and it may be sensible if this thread is paused or merged, since we can’t all go looking at every thread from the OP, if only certain info is provided in each OP.

I noticed similar on at least one of my 202’s link plugs earlier in the year. Plugging and unplugging a few times is Naim’s usual suggestion for cleaning plug pins of all kinds. You could try some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton bud as well to help get it off.


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Appreciate your experience, Il do just that.

One option is not to stare at the back of your hifi.


Take it off, throw it away, what possible harm can come of doing that?


You guys are funny, why in the world should I ask questions when I can just ignore everything and act blindly.

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