Is this noise normal

Is this normal while adjusting volume:

Yes it’s the servo motor spinning the volume control.

Weird. I was expecting it to be more quite. Can somebody post a video of theirs. My Vincent was much more quite.

Black Lightning?


Vincent sv500 :slight_smile:

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It’ll make a noise when operating as Robert mentions. You may want to check the knob is not pushed in to far and rubbing slightly on the case work. Does it turn smoothly if you turn it by hand ?

Yes. It is smooth when turning by hand. I tried to open the cover but failed. 4 screws near the feet. And the one in the middle. But still could not lift it. Then screwed everything together again. Was thinking I over tighten something. But looking ad pics see no possibility. So it is normal…

Ah ok, it sounds like all is well then. The XS2 is a cracking amp so I hope you enjoy your new purchase.

Omg … I wanted to check the volume nob … and pulled it out completely… my ocd is kicking in :frowning: … how to put it back in … should the cables be on the down side?

Just push it back on. Just be careful about dressing the wires to the LED on the knob itself so that the knob can rotate freely without the wires wrapping too tightly around the shaft and getting bound up.

Easier to do in practice than explain…

Think it will work now … just doesn‘t feel 100% symmetric anymore :D. I think I‘ll survive.

So set it up where 0 is 6:00 (directly pointing down. Cables are moving neatly. So all is great. I am going crazy with the new toys … don‘t know why am overreacting so much.

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Thanks. I am happy with it so far (if I ignore my overreaction). Much better than the stupid nad. Strangely enough … still not sure if is better than the Vincent. The Vincent can be boomy, but issue is solved if connecting the sub directly to the auralic.

Give it time and see what you think. The Naim kit can take a few days to settle down.

The reason I wanted to open it is because there is a slight smell from the transformer side. Wanted to check if something is burned, but from what I saw from the slight opening all looks good. I bought it used and the guy told it is almost unused because was in his tertiary System. The stupid nad smell the same or worse electronicy burny way (hot chemically electronic). The Vincent never smelled. Maybe is transistor/digital amp thigy. What do you think? I have to really stick my nose directly to the case to smell it.

( We really should work on digitally transmitting scents )

I think the minimum volume position should be 07:00.

Yes. Did some reading and just changed it. And max is 5.

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Aside from the 4 small screws near the feet and the bigger one in the center, there is another one hidden. In the bottom of the unit and near the faceplate, there is a plastic round thing. You have to remove it as there is another screw under it. But bear in mind that it is deep and already near the top cover of the unit.

and its not a screw - you will need a small torx driver… undo it a turn or two so it doesn’t fall out then slide cover…

Tooo complicated. Its all working well, so I‘ll leave it alone. Noticed my xlr cable was *broken. After replacing it with a rca/rca cable, no complains at all.

Unconsciously I noticed something was wrong … took me while to realize what.

Can it be that the rca plugs on the nait are a bit bigger??? It is very difficult to plug in the cables (via blue), audioquest is easier :), much less force and goes all the way. Viablue doesn‘t go all way.

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