Is this normal? ND555 screen line

So just picked up my ND555 and see this on the screen. It has this yellow line which looks actually like its light bleed between the screen and faceplate? This might be my OCD but I think this is a QA issue.

Yes, same on my nd555, seems noticeable on right hand side of screen. I have my screen turned off and sit 12 feet or so away. Had never noticed.

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OK, thanks for checking. It almost seems like the faceplate is not quite aligned with the screen by maybe half a mm. I wouldn’t of noticed myself, but I sit on the left hand side of the unit, which makes it noticeable. I might have to turn my screen off too then!

I just checked mine. I don’t have that line on the right, nor on the left.
Whether it is ON or OFF there is no such line.

That doesn’t look right to me. Not for a product of that value at least. Worth calling your dealer.

It’s not on me ne either. Needs to be checked out.

‘Me Ne’ = mine !

For what it’s worth, my NDX2 doesn’t have the line you picture either.

i would have replaced it by my dealer, still on guarantee and not acceptable for such an expensive product.

Thanks frenchrooster - Yes, this is my feeling too. For 13k the screen should be perfect and lined up to the case. Maybe from a lower end model made with some fault tolerances (made in China) but this is handcrafted in Salisbury and is their reference.

No, I don’t see it on mine, but like others I have the display turned off, so only see the album art when starting to play an album or selecting pause.

Could I live with it? Probably not. Suggest you speak with your dealer.

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Naim has been pretty good about it (heard this morning) and will supply new unit, meanwhile offer an advanced “temp” unit to keep me going.

Apart from the sound, of course, customer support is something which really sets Naim Audio apart.

I agree. This is why spending serious cash is no problem for me with Naim because I know that their 5 year warranty is golden.

Just spoke to my dealer, who will call Naim on this issue

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My dealer rang Naim and a replacement is niw on irder, so thanks for raising

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Welcome. I hope Naim adjust their internal QA processes to make sure this doesn’t happen. I don’t know how many are like this! but I don’t think this is a one-off, given we both have the same issue. My speculative answer is that it is more difficult to spot when the film protector is on the screen. And it might of masked the issue until its removed.

Malla, I emailed Naim’s head of QA when I saw your post so I think Naim are on the case (excuse the pun).

Apparently my dealer rang Naim this morning and my unit is the third so far…so its not a huge problem overall. But it is annoying, as this will be my third nd555 unit!

Many thanks Richard - hopefully that should get the wheels moving internally. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else - albeit, resolvable.