Is this normal? (warm SN2 issue)

Hi all,

When I come back home from work, I notice that my SN2 (which has been idle all day), is quite warm. After playing some music in the evening and checking again the temperature with my hand, it seems less warm than before… Is this normal? Is my mind playing tricks on me?
I got the SN2 second-hand last August and I believe it has the same behaviour since the beginning. The SN2 is connected with 3.5m of (black) Naca5 to my speakers and the source is nDAC (with standard lavender interconnect). Everything is placed on a (black) Fraimlite. As NAIM as it gets!
During the day, the input where the DAC is remains selected while the volume is left to whatever level it was playing last night, (i.e. 8-9 o’clock) and not muted. Should I turn down the volume/mute it when not in use to be safe? Anything else I should take care of?

I will try to check the electricity meter with the SN2 on and off to see what’s going on!

Many thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions!

Unusual one that, my Supernait2 is certainly only slightly warm when not in use and gets warmer after a prolonged session at moderate volume.
Maybe worth giving technical a ring.
I always turn volume down and mute when not in use but shouldn’t make any difference in reality.

Came back home today and the amp was pretty warm as always. Set it on low volume and mute. After one hour, I checked and it was at room temperature.
Played a couple of songs at normal volume (8 o’clock) for 30 minutes -> barely lukewarm. Left it like this for the last 2 hours and it’s still just a bit above room temperature.
Strange… Maybe my 4 year old son and the babysitter are throwing dance parties every afternoon before I return home! :slight_smile: :rofl:

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Leave it on an unconnected input with the display off, see if it’s still set to it when you get back, and how warm.

I left it on the nDAC input overnight, volume at 8 o’clock and it was relatively warm again this morning. I switched now to an unconnected input and turned off the lights (naim logo still on). Let’s see what I will find in the afternoon!

Maybe it’s because you have cold hands when you get home so the amp feels warm. I also suspect the black Fraim and wires are transmitting heat. White cables are reflective and therefore stay cooler, so would help to cool the amplifier.

I agree with HH here, when I got my SN3 and NDX2 first I noticed this weird thing where both would get warm but by the same amount and after a while they’d both be equally cool, I though it was quite strange that they’d track each other and I posted about it here, in the end I’m fairly sure it’s just down to the relevant temperature of your hands

I left in on an unconnected input with display off overnight, still warm in the morning (not too much though).

I thought about it already and there may be some truth to this. Since I cannot get any objective measurement, let’s assume that the (warm) temperature is more or less the same at all times. The question remains: is it normal behaviour that the SN2 gets warm when not playing anything? That means that the standby consumption is relatively high.

When SN2 is muted & volume to zero, it gets back to room temperature. Also nDAC is at room temperature pretty much all the time. So there is definitely a difference to that.

Do you all have similar behaviour? Then I will know that it’s a feature and not a bug!

For an actual measurement, get a simple pyrometer (also known as temperature gun) from the river for about 15 quid. Worthwhile I think, since this issue appears to bug you quite a bit.

The idea of leaving it as suggested was mostly to see if the settings had changed after a day of babysitter and small child.

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