Is this normal?

Just picked up all my stuff are the service and recap of 82/2xhicaps/250 and quite disappointed with the SQ. I know the deck needs sorting out but it really is sounding very muddy and boxy…is the only was I can describe it.

Is this normal as I have heard they need ‘running in’ and what can i expect to happen if anything down the line?

Many thanks.

Hi @c2photo

Don’t worry, the new components replaced in the service will need to “run in” just like the components in a brand new box.

Give it time and it will all come back to life over the next few months

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You’ve said on other posts that your LP12 needs attention. From what you’ve said now, it could be:

1- The LP12, most likely the cartridge/stylus, either needs a good clean or needs replacing - perhaps other bits need a service too?

2- what phono amp are you running for the LP12 in to the 82? If you are running with the internal boards in the 82 (and assuming the LP12/cartridge is ok), this might suggest the internal phono board hasn’t re-seated properly.

Even from new/post a service, it shouldn’t sound ‘poor’, which is what your post suggests(?). It should sound good and get better!

I’d strip down and re-do everything.


Well as I have not heard the system for ages prior to the service perhaps i was expecting to much…but I don’t think so…

They are the internal boards…but for sure the cartridge needs replacing as that was the strong advice from Darran at Class A.

So its most likely the cartridge…the deck is going up to Cimbiosis next week so perhaps i’ll just wait until it comes back before I panic!

You’re probably aware that a cartridge (more the stylus) usually lasts up to 2000 playing hours if kept clean etc,. Some are rather shorter it seems!

I’d take the 82 along with you when you see Peter (ask/warn him first!) - opening the case is quite simple, in order to check the boards are OK/seated - he may even be able to hook up the 82 while you are there. Can but ask.

I’d also take other bits for the LP12 as this needs to operate as a unit and things like speed control are vital. I think you have a 'geddon? When was this last serviced?

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All the olive kit I had serviced over the years sounded great right out of the box.


Thanks @HappyListener…for the advice…not its just got the Valhalla…but being changed for a lingo 3 when up there…

The cartridge is a Troika…so getting on and i bought it refurbed…

Quick check questions:

Are you having to run the volume on the 82 much higher to get sound from the LP12 - and is the muddiness on both channels?

BTW, I’d still strip down and re-do…can’t hurt.

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Did it sound the same before the service?

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@AJK and @HappyListener…thanks for your replies…but just listened to the system again and much happier now…not quite as i remember it but its all there and seems to be improving.
Also its seems to be better in the late afternoon/evening than during the day. :thinking:
A number of people are saying to give it time to burn in…so will do that.
Thanks again for all the replies…hope it turns out to be a false alarm!

It will take a couple of weeks to burn in nicely and then will continue to sound better and better.

Once the LP12 is giving some attention it will sound amazing.

I have had the 82, 2 hicap and 250 combo with the Lp12 and it should sound amazing all serviced.

Give it a bit of time and let us know how it all sounds.

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Morning @c2photo

As well as upgraditis there is another condition called upgrade remorse. After spending a shed full of cash and waiting weeks for the results the upgrade can sometimes disappoint on first hearing as nothing is as perfect as your dreams.

You have a great new Naim system and it will eventually sound like new.

But don’t forget to listen to @HappyListeners advice, if you can solve the other issues as well it’s going to get even better.


@AJK and @Dan_M…thanks for the replies…and yes as a photographer a lot of us have GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) which is very, very expensive to cure and sometimes incurable!

Thanks everyone…

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Some years ago I bought an ex demo 250-2, about a year old. Powered down when I was there, boxed and bungeed on the back of my Moto Guzzi for the 2 miles home. Sounded good when first installed but the next day (Sunday) it was just dull and boring, by the time the dealer opened again on Tuesday it had recovered and was singing nicely.

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Some burn in time us to be expected after a service, but I would still expect it to sound pretty good from the start. Setup is important too, so I wonder if something isn’t quite right. Have you got it on a decent rack with proper cable dressing etc? Maybe post a photo, someone might pick up on anything that doesn’t look right.

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It’s worth remembering that any pre/power amp combination is only ever as good (or bad) as the source; indeed, if there are issues at the source, a serviced amp may even make things sound worse as it will be doing a better job amplifying the problems too…

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Ok Thanks everyone…going to leave it to settle down and get the LP12 sorted before attempting anything else.

I got my NAP 250s and HI-CAPs done last year as well as some Linn components.

It sounded very different to begin with, and I think there’s a danger that when multiple items are serviced at the same time it sounds quite different to pre-servicing - give it some time, took me weeks if not longer, now I love the sound and wonder why I was worried.

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