Is this space too small for SBL

So having just resurrected my system after what must be a 20 year lull, sent it all away for servicing and upgrading…now what to listen to it. But problem is that in that 20 year period my living room has been used for other stuff so now looking for an alternative room.

I have another space that could be utilised and its dimensions are 3.7x3m.
Is this enough space to accommodate SBLs or is it to small?

The rest of the system is LP12, 82/2x Hicap/250.

Views and experiences welcome!


Only one way to know. My HiFi room is only a bit bigger. The SBLs are the only speakers I have had that I think fully work in my room.

Hopefully the SBLs can go up against a brick built wall?


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As Mr Underhill says, one way to find out. I suspect the construction of walls and floor may be more important than room size.

Hope it works for you.



Agree re above I have always thought that a particular trait of SBLs is engaging performance at low volumes

My room v similar size, and the speakers fire across the narrow dimension.

The fact that they (and SL2s) have to be flat against the wall is an advantage in the room m compared to the more typical position of other designs

I am using SBL in a 4m * 3.55 m room, and this is really perfect.

I use SL2s in a similar sized room and they work well.

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