Is your dealer on here, and still going strong?

We only moved to Cornwall 7 years ago, and I have used Acoustic Streams, near Penzance, since we arrived. Looking at that list I’m not quite sure what access to Naim products Cornish hifi enthusiasts would have had 20 or 30 years ago? Any long standing Kernow residents able to comment?

That’s good to hear thank you, yes they were brilliant when I used to use them

The two dealers closest to me on that list (Creative Audio in Shrewsbury and Peter Martin in Congleton) are both no more. My father used Peter Martin quite a bit, as they were around the corner from where he grew up, and was introduced to Rega CD players by them after struggling to find a CD player he enjoyed listening to for some time.

It’s interesting actually that many of the dealers I have dealt with (Acoustica, Loud and Clear, Audio T Manchester, Acoustic Streams, Nintronics) are not on that list. Audio T in Manchester were my local dealer (a 10 minute walk from my front door in fact) during my time living in Manchester. The guy I dealt with at Audio T has since left though, and I no longer live in Manchester so haven’t visited them for a while now.

Slightly controversially compared to many other members of this forum, I wouldn’t consider myself as having one particular dealer. I often buy ex-demo or used, which is probably the main reason for this. It’s probably also a product of my age and journey so far in the HiFi world. Living in the North/Midlands though I do find there is a more limited choice of dealers compared with down south.

You’re right, Mark. I’d totally forgotten that. I only really knew SO in Southwark when Hamish was there ( followed him to SO from Grahams, iirc) - I think I may have later popped in occasionally to see Roger (indeed, RIP), but memory’s a bit fuzzy. Probably something to do with the Market Porter, lol.

I spent a lovely week in York with Hamish, sort of helping out ( read ‘getting in the way’!) in Gillygate.
Hamish had the first trouserpress I’d ever seen…and I was impressed by his ski gear! A delightful man.

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I was wondering, who is Naim’s oldest dealer, and are they on that list?
And are they still a naim dealer?

?Radlett Audio

My introduction to Naim was through DNA Audio at Otley. Wonderful service from Darren and Alistair. Problem with living in the back end of nowhere is it takes well over an hour and a half to get to them.


Yes an sadly no . Better HiFi in Liverpool put me on the Naim road back in 1999, but went out of business early 2000 I think. John was very helpful, but it was very sad that they had to close

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Oh, i didn’t know that Creative Audio closed!

Hehe … just as well you don’t live in the mid-west USA !! it would probably take you a day and a half, never mind an hour and a half :sunglasses:

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Yes, i remember them – very nice place in Tottenham Ct Rd Ldn. I cant remember the name of the very enthusiastic owner now, but i recall visiting them with some new vinyls i’d just bought (Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, C S & Nash, etc – and he asked if i wouldnt mind if we played them. I was there till well after they had closed!!

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Bought a pair of Neat Iotas from Doug Brady
in Lockdown 1, so still trading. I also remember Doug himself; I got some Meridian gear there many years ago. Not sure if he’s still with us though.


My first Naim boxes came from Congleton. Not Peter Martin but Synergy AV. Sadly, they moved out of HiFi into home automation, but that did push me towards Acoustica and my present system.


It was a long time ago. A little way down on the right coming from the crossroads ( and pub) I think.

Got my Rega 3 from them in 1987 and it (and them, as Audio T) still going strong. Also responsible over the years for Kans, Iotas and Atom. Plus a few lifestyle bits and bobs. Still love looking in the window when walking past

Bought my first real hifi system from Studio99 Swiss Cottage.
Rega Planar 3, Creek Cas4040 & Heybrook HB1 Speakers.

Used Graham’s for LP12 servicing for many years.

Bought Flatcap XS from Mike Manning in Yeovil.

I have bought from one of those dealers (Lintone in Gateshead) but I’d hardly call them ‘my dealer’ as I have only visited them twice (which to the best of my recollection is more than any other dealer).

Nope my dealer is not on that list. Audio Genesis in Sydney (Harry and Norman) have been my Naim gurus since the mid 90s.

They were once the distributor for Naim and imo (and lots of others in Aus) the go to dealer for all things Naim. My relationship is with them more so than Naim, if they were to lose the dealership I’d probably follow them.

In agreement - the service levels provided by Harry and Norman are out of this world. Harry travels 4-5 hours out of Sydney to service customers, at the drop of a hat. After 35 plus years they have become good friends and we have a few laughs

If they are ever lost the Naim dealership I would probably become totally irrational and sell all my Naim equipment , I just couldn’t stand it


I’m only 80 minutes out of town and Harry is never too busy to make a service call if required.