Isoacoustics zaZen platforms

I’ve just ordered the zaZen II to put underneath my NDX2. I was wondering if anyone had tried a zaZen platform from Isoacoustics?

I know the ND555 comes with a brass sub chassis to eliminate vibrations. I was thinking if the zaZen platform really helps to eliminate vibrations, an improvement in sound quality could be obtained.

It is not very expensive, so I ordered one. I will report back with my findings.

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I ordered one for my P8, as you say, cheap purchase.
Didn’t like it, sucked the life from my records.
It now languishes under my ND5XS2, not for acoustic improvements, its just out of the way.
You ofcourse may hear an improvement.

I bought one to start with to try under each component, starting with NAC252. It stayed there and bought supports for all the electronics. I assume they are system dependant, as most things are, but all I can say is I was amazed. More of everything I like about the Naim sound.

You should try more under your XPSDR. My advise of the day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I got my Zazen from Isoacoustics today. Mine is the zaZen II, good to up to 40 pounds.

It is heavier than I expected. It feels really solid in my hands. This is not MDF!

So far, I am hearing more micro details and small nuances in the music. It is not an upgrade comparable to adding an XPS-DR to an NDX2; but for the price, it is a welcome upgrade. It is really well built and looks good!

It is sitting on a Quadraspire shelf. Maybe it would be less effective with a sturdier stand, such as a full Naim Fraim. But, on my rack, it improves the music.


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