Isolating noisy electronics

Hi all,

I recently discovered that the TT AC PSU (a Heed Orbit 2) i have been using is dumping lots of noise into the mains… unplugging it significantly lowers the noise floor but i lose a bit of timing and clarity :slightly_frowning_face:

Since the hifi is on a dedicated spur, I’ve tried using an extension lead to power the PSU from this- this works but does lead me an untidy solution, with extension cables trailing across the living room and running in parallel with speaker cables… not really a satisfactory long term solution.

My question is… short of a house rewire is there any other solution here? How do i stop the crud goiing back into the mains from the Heed without squashing dynamics?

Are DC blockers ok with Naim in a way other filters are not?



(Superline/supercap/52/PS -> Dynavector HX1.2)

Welcome to the forum. What do you mean by it’s lowered the noise floor when the Heed Is unplugged ? Do you get hiss or hum through the speakers when it’s plugged in ?

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Russ Andrew’s make mains filters that plug in next to your device to stop crud

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Some use the isol 8 powerblock with dc blocker inbuilt, with good results apparently.

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You would have thought with the power supplies Naim has on offer, they would filter that out before it affected the sound but your example shows that isn’t the case. I use a Puritan PSM136 mains conditioner with independently isolated and filtered inputs that would probably work in this scenario and allow up to 6 devices to be plugged into it. I have been very pleased with the benefits it has brought to my Nova in terms of noise floor reduction and improved soundstage. However the proof is in the pudding and you’d need to audition to see if that was the case. There are many on this forum that advocate avoiding mains conditioners because they clamp down on dynamics. I have not found that to be the case, but then again, my setup isn’t especially high end compared to some.

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Thanks all… i have a Russ Andrews job, not entirely sure if it does anything at all if I’m honest. A Powerline had a much more profound effect- despite my doubts on the possibility.

From my kit hopefully it is obvious that I am a big Naim fan. I know Niam stuff well enough to know it is finicky with mains conditioners and now even having this PSU near it.

I’ve read good stuff on Puritan, Isol8, Isotek etc etc but nothing consistent on Naim stuff… so back to my original question: will a DC blocker prevent mains noise feeding back into the rest of the system? Or, if not, what is the best solution to this problem

Hi welcome to forum.
You say causing noise on the mains…can you be more specific… as that could mean anything. What noise floor are you referring to?
How did you measure it? Have you got a ‘scope trace. Was it powerfactor noise, was it asymmetric loading, was it coupling Hf noise, if so was it regular and periodic or bursty… I guess this is important to understand possible mitigations or even identify a possible fault with the device… or even confirm whether it’s not mains related noise at all, but coupling an other way.

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Thanks Simon, and everyone for the friendly welcome to the forum!

Sorry, reading back it seems I’ve not described this very well. Writing about music (or hifi) is like dancing about architecture!

I’ve not measured this… its a subjective opinion on the sound. It’s not something I would know how to measure really.

The problem isn’t so much a particular sound or an audible hum or buzz- its that when the Heed is disconnected it seems that the background has become quieter and music cleaner and clearer somehow.

This is noise that you were not really aware was there before dropping away - the same as when you listen to music late at night (or when traffic stopped in the first lockdown).

Not sure if this helps really!

it helps thanks - but it also says to me it is probably unwise to assume its noise via the mains - its a possibility - it could be being coupled via other means however.

A tip is to get a SW or MW/LW portable radio, and place next to wires or devices - if you start to hear a whine or rasping from those wires or devices or power supplies - they are radiating electro magnetic RF energy that could be interfering with your audio.

The Heed 2 looks to be a pretty simple AC regenerator. A quick look at the internals shows nothing to be too concerned about. As Simon says, the radio test will be an indicator of problems. Out of interest where do you locate this unit - Is the Heed 2 and its output cable to the TT well away from the Superline and 52 ?

Is the TT your only source ?

Thanks both, really helpful. i’ll try the radio test over the weekend.

The Heed is on the Isoblue rack down near the power amp and 52PS- occasionally I’ve tried moving it to the top shelf which has been mabe a little quiter overall but not significantly (it also looks a bit odd placed there).

The bigger change was moving the mains spur i plugged the unit into whilst the Heed physically remained in the same position.

Oh, forgot to say, i have a Aries Mini in addition to the Superline- its a lot less revealing but seems to benefit a little when the Heed is unplugged or plugged in elsewhere

Have you tried the system with the Aries disconnected from the 52 ? Just wondering if you get the same differences plugging the Heed into different mains sockets when the Aries is not connected.

Thanks, havent tried that but i will



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