Isolation at home with the wife

What im asking is whats the best closed back headphones for about a grand? used with a headline/hicap
thanks stay healthy and sane people.

Scan are selling the Audeze LCD-XC for £1199. I’ve heard and liked, though at that price I’d want more than the 20 mins I spent with an iPad!


Audeze LCD-XC work well with the headline2 but they are not light.

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The HD800S is pretty good and I’m using it with the headline2.

But it’s about as loud as my speakers when not on my head so I think it fails on the closed back criteria…

I’m an Audeze fan - I have the open LCD 3, and later bought the closed LCD XC. Unlike some, I don’t find them heavy but that is down to individual experience/tolerance. They’re big tho!

They sound (and look)…beautiful. Wide open soundstage, impressive clean bass, sweet treble, nice imaging etc. Even the closed XC has a very good sense of space, especially for a closed 'phone.The best headphones I’ve ever owned. Bought both second hand (but in top condition) so quite a lot cheaper than new.

But really, you have to try different 'phones to be sure. You may not like what I or others like.

Having said that, I did buy the LCD3 unheard - but I read every review I could find, and liked the description of their sound quality. And, if it hadn’t worked for me, I was reasonably sure I could recoup pretty much all their cost.

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I’m in the same boat, in an attempt to keep domestic harmony I’m using my UQ2 and a pair of Grado SR60 headphones for early/late listening. Not bad sounding but I’ve been scouring headphone reviews online. Anyone out there own the Quad headphones and tube amp? Was thinking I could use the UQ2 as a streamer and feed the digital out to the Quad.

I thought Audeze sounded excellent. All of the range. My only problem was that with headphones, comfort comes first. And for my head, they hurt like hell (all of the range).

As no one’s head is the same shape, I’s suggest shortlisting and then trying. I know that might be difficult under current circumstances though. But be warned. I went with a friend to a massive heaphone shop in Tokyo (4 floors of nothing but) and I found the Audeze hurt like absolute hell but the HD800 (not suitable for your requirement) really comfy. He found the HD800 hurt like hell and the Audeze comfy.

Oddly enough this came up the other day. Both my wife and I work from home (years before this virus thing started) and share an office. When she is around I’m banned from using the speakers. But the other day the leakage from my office headphones (HD600) combined with Montrose - Space Station No. 5 just tipped her over the edge and I got the rough end of her temper.

The pain thing is as said, highly individual…for instance, much as I like the energetic quality of Grado’s, I just can’t wear them. After 10 or so minutes they hurt my ears like the devil. For some reason, any on-ear gives me a royal pain…I’ve kept a pair of SR125i for ages in the hope my ears will adapt. Nope. So off to the knackers yard with em…

Its all about taste and try.

I thought it was just me but my Grado’s are not only uncomfortable but produce real pain in the actual ear. They are boxed away probably never to be used again. I bought some Sony MDR1a which are wonderfully comfortable and sound decent as well. Which proves highest spec sq means nothing if you can’t listen for extended period.

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