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As I’m awaiting the replacement/updating of the 272 before I upgrade to my next system and fear it may be several years I’ve decided to tweak the sound of my Nova.
To this end I tried the Quadraspire QPlus isolation feet. At the moment my Nova sits on a wide glass shelved Atacama stand along with my tv,Mu-So sound bar and Sky Q box.
I started with the Evo feet which immediately improved the sound and noticed a significant improvement with the Advanced feet. At first the Reference sounded no better than the Advanced feet but today I reinstalled them and noticed a big improvement in sound. I must have misaligned the Reference feet first time round.
All can say is that despite their cost the Reference feet are well worth a try. I even purchased an Evo set for the Mu-So as they greatly improved the tv sound.

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I, too, have found success with the QPlus Ref interfaces. I started with a set under my 552 head unit and then experimented with more and ended up with four sets. They are expensive but their beneficial impact was obvious on each black box.

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This is interesting. I can imagine the obvious benefits with a turntable, CD player or even a hard drive but haven’t really considered using them for something like a Nova.

What differences did you hear?

Intereting. Would also like to know how it improved your setup. I am using a Fraim Lite and thinking of adding a set of QPlus Advanced below the Nova and a recently acquired Melco.

I think the improvement obviously depends on the rack/furniture that currently supports your system.
Mine was sitting on an old Atacama glass and steel wide stand.
The Reference feet improved the bass definition and control.
The overall sound definition improved and the new sound, which had improved after the latest software update, was more enjoyable to listen to.
I should also add that I have previously added a Powerline mains cable which also had a beneficial effect on the sound.
The current sound is good enough to convince me that I’ll have to spend a great deal of money to improve it further. I would need to move into 300DR territory.

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As you say John the rack makes a big difference
I have notice a big improvement with different feet
I have two Quadraspire Q4 racks. I installed four RDC (clear audio light) cone feet on them.
and the improvement was very noticeable so much so that I have installed them under my
Rega p9 tt and its psu , they have made a dig improvement to my system

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