Issue - Horizontal lines Uniti Nova

Hi, my 1 month old Uniti Nova suddenly stopped playing music and horizontal lines appeared in the display along with a humming noise from the device. Any suggestions for a fix or do I need to return this one?

Power off the unit. Wait 30 seconds and switch the power back on.

Still the same display after powering off and waiting a while before powering on. Tried to remove the power cable and wait with the same result when turning the device on.

Time to contact your dealer I think.

I would get in touch with your dealer.

Thanks, I’ll contact them tomorrow.

My Atom had a very similar meltdown about a year ago. After a restart, it was fine.

Did it fix itself with just a normal restart? Mine has not come to life yet so it’s been returned to my dealer for service…

I just turned it off and left it for a while. When I started it up, it worked normally.

I had a similar recurrent issue with an Atom display, mine was RMA’d, I’d personally get it replaced unless Naim can put it down to a software bug/fault.

As the Atom was fairly new and the dealer then had a Nova in stock a few weeks after I purchased the Atom, I did an A/B Atom vs Nova and went for the Nova - I’ve never seen that display problem on the Nova over several firmware versions since 2017.

Received a new unit from Naim so apparently no immediate fix for this issue. Everything’s working perfectly now :slight_smile:


Glad you can enjoy the Nova again.
I love the partnering with the Kanta’s and wish to make that happen for me too in a foreseeable future.
Are they still burning in?

Had a Nova with the same problem. Dealer gave me a new one

Like @Alley_Cat I’ve had a few Novas, on not I think or 6 and never experienced this issue.

Love the combo and the Kantas are amazing compared to my previous B&W 804d. Never got the B&Ws to play well. Bought the Kantas second hand so they are burned in.

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