Issue updating NDX to 4.7.0 - network address

Hello everyone

Updating to 4.7.0 proceeds as expected until this. The correct network address shows, but it’s not accepted. I’m not sure how to resolve? I have restarted everything and factory reset the NDX.

Any ideas gratefully received - annoyingly this likely won’t resolve the Tidal issues based on what I’ve read.


If there has been a network issue where the updater couldn’t find the streamer at the IP address it has, I would restart all devices, router, computer and streamer, in that order, then try again.

I’ve followed your advice Chris

But apart from changing the allocated IP address, and blowing a fuse in the SuperCap during the power cycle I’m no further forward

Strange. Have you checked in your router settings to see that the correct IP address is seen? I see the second image shows a different address.

Thanks Chris

I did notice the changed IP address - that made sense to me as on the restart addresses should be dynamically allocated. I will reinstall everything when I have time later in the week.

I’m not an expert on DHCP, but in my experience, a new address is not allocated just because a device is restarted, and mine seem to remain the same for weeks. So maybe it was coincidence, but I wondered if your issue was caused by an IP address conflict.

Thanks Chris

Appreciate your input

I’ll give this a thorough once over later in the week

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