Issue with Chromecast and Uniti Star

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I have not being able to stream audio from my Android Galaxy Note 9 to my Uniti Star using Chromecast. I was used to use Spotify Connect, but now I own a Google Home Hub and would like to add the Star it but it is not recognized, and I guess the issues are related.

From the Naim App Chromecast is available for Spotify, Google Play Music and Soundhound:

From the mentioned apps Chromecast is not available:

I have restored from scratch the Star many times and the software is updated. Anyone had a similar issue? Would really appreciate any help.

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I did when I first got my Atom, the ChromeCast bit failed to register properly with Google for some reason. It took support to talk to Google to reset the authorisation and it worked after that. Check in the Naim app to see if it’s properly up and running if it is it should showing all the version numbers etc. What your seeing there is almost of supported Chromecast apps on your phone that the Naim app can open nothing more.

But it might be you have a discover problem. Are you using a separate switch for your Star? Does your router have igmp snooping feature or multicast features you may need to tweak those.

Hi everyone I have same issue with my uniti atom
When I try to connect just SoundCloud works but Qobuz, tidal, don’t work

What can I do ?? The only way is to play Qobuz via Roon but that requieres always a computer. Thanks
Cristian Serrano

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