Issue with Muso Qb 2

Unfortunately my Naim Muso Qb 2 has stopped working.

When I switch it on the top control panel wheel flashes and the volume level block lights are lit up. The LED back light is blue but despite being left on for in excess of 2 hours this never stops.

I have attempted to use the reset button at the back holding it down for over 10 sec but this does not solve the issue. Of course I have switched it off and on again.

Any advice?

If you have unplugged it from the mains supply for at least 5-mins and the error is still present then you need to contact your dealer for repair.

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Have you tried the Armageddon reset hole? A paper clip straightened and gently pressed in resets the whole thing. If it fails after that, it is probably dealer fix time. Next to the white status light.
There is some paperwork/instruction leaflet that tells you what the different colours mean, can’t remember what blue is.

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Just checked, blue is firmware update or recovery in progress.

As far as I can recall, a QB (1 in my case) firmware upgrade is quite a light show, passages of the ring surround softly pulsating, as well as the volume dail circling its LEDs around or slowly ‘counting down’ - the last bit I associate with a % bar in any windows installation. I cannot be sure if the Qb2 does all of that too, but if none of the above behavior is observed, my guess would be its stuck in upgrade. I remember filming it when it happened for the first time back in 2018 but the forum doesn’t allow mp4 uploads.

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Tried master reset. Does nothing - light stays on. Nothing other than pulling the plug out changes anything. If it was an update left for hours so think that unlikely. Occurred mid listening so think something technical has gone wrong.

My Star has refused to connect to my WiFi all day. Lp’s and CD’s all day. I like the sound, but the app is very poor.

How does the App affect whether you Star connects to your home network wifi???

By app I mean the the whole Naim - WiFi link gubbins. I have two Qb2’s. One called Red, with a red grille and the other is called Black. Red is always connected, rarely, if ever, drops out and behaves brilliantly all the time. My Star and Black are a different matter. Frequent drops and outages, even though they are both nearer the WiFi router and get a better signal. No idea why.

Any connection yet?

One thing that can affect wifi streaming is when there are very much older devices also connected on the same wifi SSID … its worth seeing if that is the case.

I got pissed off with my Qb2 dropping the WiFi connection, so I now have it plugged into an ethernet powerline adapter. I haven’t had a single drop out since.

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