Issue with Qobuz through BubbleUpNP

Hi, thanks to help from those on this forum I have managed to get Qobuz working really well
through my first gen NDX with BubbleUPnP and my NAS, with Wav transcoding in a QNAP container. All good, except I am noticing an issue that I see other people have also had with a track cutting out midway through. The track will keep playing on the app but no sound comes through the speakers. When it finishes and the next track comes on the sound comes back. There is another thread, now closed, with other users describing the same problem. However there didn’t seem to be any conclusive solution. Does anyone have any ideas please? Thank you.

I’m running the same set up as you with my 272 and haven’t had this issue recently but have noticed it occasionally in the past. I seem to notice this behavior during peak usage and it makes me wonder if the Qobuz servers aren’t showing some signs of stress during peak use times. Just a guess though.

Thanks. I’ve currently got the NAS connected to a mesh disc in a different room to the NDX so am going to try this week an EE8 to get them both hard-wired to the same router. See if that makes a difference. Swapping to Lumin seems to have helped too. If I come up with a magic cure, will share it!

Wired is better if you can do it.

Thanks for the comments and particularly the ‘backhaul’ point - had to Google that! So today I got an EE8, and touch wood seems to be working really well. And the EE8 has added another level of detail to the sound. Very pleased!

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