Issue with source selection

Dear all,

I have a NDX2 / NAC 282 / NAP 250 DR / Supercap. Recently my preamp was reprogrammed on the CD to test a dCS Rossini. The AV bypass was gone then corrected. However, eversince I am experiencing a strange glitch… When altering the volume through the NDX2, the 282 in some rare instances switches to the AV input :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Any thoughts ?

I have reset the NDX2 to no avail…

Many thanks for your kind feedback.


I am sure you will find someone to help you on that strange issue.
As you mentioned Rossini test, how did you found it?

The Rossini is very impressive specially when listening to classical music. The sound stage and level of detail is excellent with a strong dynamic. But the price premium is quite steep compared to my humble NDX2.

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Maybe you have set automatic input switching to the AV input. See below.

Many thanks for your answer. I will check.

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Dear Hungryhalibut,

Issue solved thanks to your advice.
Many thanks :pray:t3:


That’s great. As they say, enjoy.

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