Issues with HDMI ARC on Uniti Atom

Ever since I got my Uniti Atom last year, I have had issues with HDMI ARC. When I bought my Atom, the HDMI ARC module was still an option and my dealer advised against it. His argument was that ARC implementations by different manufacturers may differ and therefore it is a matter of hit ‘n’ miss: Sometimes it works or sometimes it doesn’t. I ordered the HDMI ARC module nevertheless. :blush:

Well, I do get HDMI ARC to work, but never instantly. It always take more than one attempt and a work-around. I have waited for the new 3.2 firmware released today before posting here, hoping this would improve things. But it didn’t.

The problem is this: The Atom does switch to HDMI (and the TV audio switches off at the same time), but I get ‘No input signal’ and no sound. Most of the times, I can already control the Atom’s volume with the TV remote at that point, so there is some sort of signal passing through, but no audio.

After trying many things, I eventually figured out that if both Atom and TV have switched over to HDMI (with no sound) and I switch the Atom off (to stand-by) and back on again, it does work. So the second time I switch to HDMI, I do get audio (9 out of 10 times).

But I would like it to work at once and being able to switch the Atom on by switching the TV audio to it.

What I did so far is:

  • Update both Atom and TV to the latest firmware
  • Powercycle both Atom and TV
  • Try different HDMI cables (and reverse them)
  • Try various boot and input selection sequences (Atom on first, TV on first, etc.)

My TV is a 2017 Sony Bravia with HDMI 2.0.

Your help is appreciated!

please contact Naim support at or telephone +44 (0) 1722 426600

Thank you Richard, I will.

Exactly for me. My tv is also 2017 Sony Bravia.

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