Issues with Naim App under IOS 15 on iPad

Recently, I have updated my iPad to IOS 15, since then, my Naim App is not working well anymore. E.g. I want to play a full record or playlist, but the app is only playing one song and stops. Covers are also not showing anymore, and several bottoms/clicks are not working.

I have removed the app and re-installed it with no improvement. I have also loaded the app on my iPhone (also on IOS 15) with not change as well.

Does anyone have the same issue? Any ideas how to solve it? Is there a new Naim app available that works well under IOS 15?

Thanks, Peter

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I’ve updated my phone and iPad and have no issues. Maybe delete the app and reinstall.

Hi @DocPet and welcome to the Forum- i’m sure you’ll find the help you need here.

No issues here on either iPad or iPhone - but I did ensure I fully powered down both devices after the iOS 15 update. That’s a full power off, not just closing Apps etc. I’d give that a try, if you haven’t.

There’s a minor issue with control buttons on the mini ‘now playing’ screen on the Naim iPad App, but that’s being fixed for next App update, and there is an easy workaround of using the full-screen play queue view, where all buttons are present.

I updated to iPadOS 15.0 when it was released, its working fine, nothing changed.

iPad 9.7 (2017)
BT SmartHub-2, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz bands & aprx 74Mb/s in room to iPad
NDX with v4.7.1 (beta)
Synology DS214 with Asset UPnP R7.4 (beta)

You guys are brilliant. I did what you have recommanded, complete new start of iPad and re-load of app and it is working now. Thanks for your help. I am a happy NDX user again :wink:


Really sorry to say, but here we are again. After I have updated to IOS 15.1, the Naim App is not working correctly anymore. Same issue as before, several functions are not working. I have that issue on both, my iPad and iPhone.
I followed the recommendations from last time, that have worked before, complete new start of my iPad (and iPhone), and new installation of the app, however, this time, it is not helping. I repeated it twice but still have the same issue with the Naim App.
Any more ideas what I can do? The way it is right now, I cannot really use my NDX anymore. Very sad.

Maybe you should tell us what issues you are seeing? I don’t think anyone else has reported a problem.

I can confirm iPadOS 15.1 with app 5.22.3 is not a problem.

iPhone running iOS 15.1 +Naim app 5.22.3 = all OK
iPad running iPadOS 15.1 +Naim app 5.22.3 = all OK

@docpet No issues here with iPhone or IPad on latest iOS, firmware and App version.

As ever, I would suggest a full power cycle - of your internet router and Apple devices, as well as a reset of your Naim.

Let us know how you get on

Thanks all for your kind and quick feedback. As I am travelling this week, I had no chance yet to follow your suggestions. I will do it on the weekend and give feedback.

Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter,

I’m having what sounds like the same problem with an nds. What is the screen on the ndx saying when things aren’t working? Also, does everything work again if you turn off/on just the ndx (without doing anything else)? Powering down the nds works for me but the problem just occurs again pretty soon (between 10 min to a day).


I have 15 without any issues. IPad Pro 3rd and iPhone Xs Max

Same problem here. Just an iPhone restart was enough. Didn’t have to re-install the app. I have the Naim Atom Uniti.

Dear all, this time, the reset of my router was the fix. Now, the app is working well again.
Thanks for the help

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