Issues with QNAP firmware update and Asset UPnP

The latest firmware update for QNAP servers now prevents the user from opening/starting Asset UPnP from the App Centre as it reports that the App does not have a valid digital signature and only has the option to remove the App.

However, if you have an Asset UPnP icon on your main menu you will still be able to launch the app and open its configuration page.

As long as Asset is “open” in the App Centre before updating to the newer firmware the menu icon should still be visible on the main menu so ensure that this is the case before updating to the latest QNAP firmware.


It’s done it with me too. I’ve no Main Menu icons sadly. Fortunately I use Roon these days on my main system.

FWIW I have a TS-569L which received an update with a lower version number a few days ago, (20201006), and no such issue

I started to install the previous QNAP firmware but got a warning that it isn’t recommended.

Is this solely an QNAP issue, or can Asset change something? I’m a Synology user but I ask as I expect a call from a QNAP friend to help out.
Has anyone seen any responses from QNAP that I can go read up?

I assume that Asset can update the certificate and a reinstall should then work.
I’ve not yet looked for a QNAP forum.

It got me too. Apps appear to still be working.

So not just an issue with Asset then. Maybe QNAP will provide and updated firmware fix?

I’ve raised the question of including a digital signature in the latest 7.1 beta thread on the Asset Beta testing forum but as you say this issue may have to be resolved by QNAP in a new firmware update (they seem to do them pretty regularly).

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Thanks :slight_smile:

For anybody who has does the firmware update and is dependent on Asset it could be a quiet Sunday…

I wish I had read this thread first but not knowing anything (as is my way) I did both the QNAP and Asset updates on Friday.

My asset server stills runs without a problem other than:-

  • basic screen as below
  • does a full re-scan and with 160,270 tracks that took about 40 minutes
  • didn’t carry my tree settings over
  • Asset is flagged up as not having a digital signature in QNAP

Apart from the niggles above all works fine as before.

The opening Asset screen was changed as per your screen shot, it works OK, just need to get used to it I guess.
Yep the full rescan is needed to load the new software
Same for (& annoying) the browse tree settings not getting carried over. Fortunately (with Synology) I keep a copy of my browse tree config in Plain Text so its a simple copy/paste job

You might also notice with R7 onwards your NAS RAM load has increased, my Synology went from around 25% up to 37%, Spoon advised its because R7 has more cache items.

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Luckily put more RAM in my QNAP a few months ago - a fun job.

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I think that Illustrate/Asset need to warn users not to remove their current version of Asset UPnP from their QNAP server if it is running firmware 4.5.1 before they try to install an updated version of the app (I’ve mentioned this on the forum too).

As Mike-B says it’s handy to use the Instances/Advanced/Edit Browse Tree as plain text option to copy your browse tree settings and save them as text files in case you need them after a new install.

I’ve just had a look on the QNAP App Centre site

It seems that firmware update 4.5.1 installs a new operating system named QuTScloud whilst the OS for firmware versions up to 4.4.3 was named simply QTS.

Thanks for the warning - I’m not going to update my Qnap firmware any more as I just use it for storage and streaming. I’m fed up with the long process for no benefit to my use case and it happens way too often!

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I too only use my QNAP for music storage and streaming. I’ve disabled all the services I can without disrupting operations. I wish there was an option for a very basic OS for those of us who don’t what an infinite amount of functionality.

Not sure what to do about the current release, I guess I’ll sit tight as long as asset and bubble app continue to function.

Looking around the web it seems that you may be able to start third party apps remotely using the Qmanager app on your ipad/android tablet/phone. Asset shows up on my ipad Qmanager app in the App Centre side menu with 3 dots to the side which give me the options to Stop\Remove\Cancel.

I haven’t tried the “Stop” option in case it removes the menu icon and I’m unable to restart it without having to regress the firmware again but it may be worthwhile trying to see whether there is a “Start” option for anyone who is currently not able to start the Asset app otherwise.

As per @sjbabbey’s advice I’ve installed Qmanager and have been able to start Asset.

I like that app. Thanks, @sjbabbey.