It begins. .

Bubble level and tape measure are my friends.

15 cm from rear of base to moulding.


Thank you for sharing. I wish you all the best in your new home.

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Is this your first Fraim or just same rack in new place?
If first time would strongly suggest u connect up the cables on every level as you go.
Don’t plan on placing all the boxes and then doing cabling….asking for disaster.
Also, once u sit the boxes on the glass shelves push them in against the metal dowel at back of Fraim shelf. Once all connected and working then gently pull out each glass shelf a couple mm so the glass shelf is not up against the dowel.
As far as comparing the different sides of glass to hear which one rings more, good luck.
I always found it difficult to hear the difference.
Also when assembling each shelf don’t over tighten the shelf supports.
If u have already done this in the past, then u likely know all of this already
Good luck, it’s a nice upgrade.
Show us the pics when finished


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Bart’s an old pro. :slight_smile:

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To me it looks best with the glass level with the front of the wooden shelf. That’s how it’s designed to be used I believe, and should sound best.


And old pro although to be honest I’ve probably only set it up from scratch 3 times.

The reminder to start to connect cables as I fill each level is a very good reminder.

And I’ve never been able to “hear” any difference with the glass slap sides so I just put 'em on however.

I did seem to lose my little stacking order chart so I’m trying to recreate from memory. @JosquinDesPrez ping me on chat I might pick your brain :slight_smile:

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That’s how I’ve done it too.

This time I’ve not only got the level out but used it to make sure that the two bases are the same height.

Last time Nigel had to point out that one was a few mm taller than the other to me. After it was all built!

That’s the spirit! It’s worth taking time to get it absolutely right. Your previous house always looked lovely in photos and it will be good to see a little more of the new one once it’s all set up.


Perfect time to replace the wall outlets for Hubbel AC Duplex outlets.

The builder’s electrician put those in – the double is a dedicated line. Everything will go through my Ansuz ac block…so I dont think I care

I had doubts about Hubbel outlets but I have found they made a subtle difference on my kit. I may be imagining things.

Well done. 15cm should, at a guess give you enough room for Burndys and SNAICs to curve nicely without touching the wall.

Hi Bart,
Now that’s what I call downsizing!

Best regards, BF


I kept threatening to downsize the system!!

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