It does make me wonder

With some off the latest comments thats been thrown around here lately, plus some look to be always on here ready to jump in, etc.
It does make me wonder if they actually listen to music at all.

Anyway off to enjoy some music as my new turntable set up is very enjoyable
Cheers dunc


I nearly started a thread in the lounge to thank Richard for all his patience moderating this place, but this seems an ok place to do it. Hope you’re ok with that sentiment on this thread Dunc.

Thanks Richard, this place is mostly awesome, and I think you do a cracking job.


Thank you gthack. I appreciate that.


Gangstarap, Dunc, gangstarap. I start my day with an extensive session of gangstarap and then rise to my keyboard and start defending my truth.


That rings very true @Dunc
I’ve left the forum once and very nearly left a couple of months back.
Richard does a great job but some of the things posted on here are uncalled for and it’s easy to escalate things to silly levels in retaliation.

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Heightened stress levels due to the obviously impending end of the world.


True. The rest of us might want to consider ganging up on the negativos and pop off a few pleasant and conciliatory replies to defuse the unpleasantness. All of us can try to make the world a slightly nicer place than we found it.


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Good words, Mark. Hope it happens.


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Exactly. Funny how some just don’t get that …

A segue…

Just saw this in The Times immediately after reading this thread:


That does make me wonder.

Will she regret wasting her life doing nothing.

Or, will she be happy she’s made a living doing nothing.

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