It floats! (show us your boat thread)

For those who have been following the ‘Today i Was So Bored…’ thread here is the completion of my lockdown project. I have really enjoyed doing it, and the first time I have ever attempted anything like this. It arrived in kit form the day before lockdown.

Launched last week in a heatwave on Coniston Water.


How about a thread where we show pictures of our boats. We have had cars, pets, bikes etc.


Beautiful craftsmanship Bruce. What is it like paddling in it?

Bruce the kayak is Absolutely Stunning!

Simply beautiful and congratulations on the launch and completing the project.

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Well done, it looks fantastic. :+1:

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Awesome job there!

It is good! It is has quite high primary stability and tracks well but actually edges nicely. Did not really have a proper play and it was calm and still. My other kayak (Valley Gemini) is set up for more agility and rougher waters with a more pronounced rocker and a looser feel. It is also a bit shorter so probably slower.

The wooden boat has no skeg so it will be interesting to see how it goes on a windier day. Will be fun finding out, although our planned trip W Scotland this year is probably not going to happen.


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Wow, that’s gorgeous Bruce! You must be well chuffed with how it worked out.

It looks a million dollars Bruce, well done.

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