IT MUST SCHWING - The story of Blue Note

Founder: Alfred Lion, Max Margulis
…and later, Francis Wolff joined.

:small_blue_diamond:The jazz label marks its 80-year birthday with a new record, documentary and special live events

2019 marks 80 years since German immigrant Alfred Lion produced his first Blue Note recording session in New York City.
Relaunched by Bruce Lundvall in 1984,.Blue Note Records has remained one of the world’s leading labels dedicated to jazz.

Artists who have recorded on Blue Note include…
•Thelonious Monk.
•Bud Powell.
•Miles Davis.
•John Coltrane.
•Cannonball Adderley.
•Horace Silver.
•Art Blakey.
•Jimmy Smith.
•Dexter Gordon.
•Grant Green.
•Lou Donaldson.
•Donald Byrd.
•Lee Morgan.
•Freddie Hubbard.
•Joe Henderson.
•Herbie Hancock.
•Wayne Shorter.
•Charles Lloyd.
•Dr Lonnie Smith.
•Ornette Coleman.
•Cecil Taylor…etc,etc.

Blue Note Records is an American record label for Jazz music,.formed in 1939 by Alfred Lion and Max Margulis.
Shortly thereafter,.Francis Wolff also joined.

All were German refugees.
The name is inspired by the term “Blue notes” in Jazz and blues music.

Historically,.Blue Note is primarily associated with the jazz sub-genre hardbop.
However, the company has also released several albums in Avant-garde and free jazz.

John Coltranes Blue Train (1958) and Cannonball Adderleys Somethin Else (1958) (with Miles Davis in one of his last background roles) were guest appearances at Blue Note.

In 1965,.Liberty Records bought Blue Note Records.
1979 they were bought up by EMI.
Since Universal Music Group purchased EMI 2012,.it is Universal,which also owns Blue Note Records.

:small_orange_diamond:2018 came the documentary…
IT MUST SCHWING! -Die Blue Note Story.

And it is this documentary in two hours I saw yesterday on Swedish TV,.incredibly interesting with very good music.
Is there anyone else here who has seen this documentary about Blue Note.?


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I saw it on BBC 4 about 3 or 4 years ago. BBC 4 in UK is the place for all things music & Friday nights especially. The Friday night programs cover ‘The Proms’ this time of the year, all good music content from the last few evenings & with background info. Outside the proms season they have a lot of the old classic rock, blues & real jazz artists, my kinda stuff.
The Blue Note story was interesting, but I’m not a fan of ‘modern’ jazz so not interesting other than gaining some knowledge & history.

:small_blue_diamond:Interesting about BBC 4 @Mike-B,.I’m well too like you…more interested in the story behind Blue Note.

But I get a bit confused by your answer,.it says that this German documentary is from 1918 (see below).
It was filmed for this year’s 80-year anniversary 2019 of Blue Note.
So you can’t have seen this particular documentary for 3-4 years ago.

Maybe it was the documentary from 1996 that you saw (see below).

• Julian Benedikt:
Blue Note – A Story of Modern Jazz. Documentary film, Germany 1996.

• Eric Friedler:
It Must Schwing! The Blue Note Story. Documentary film, Produzent: Wim Wenders, Germany 2018.[19]

• Sophie Huber:
Blue Note Records - Beyond the notes. Documentary film, Switzerland, 2018.[20]


Produced by Hans Nostradamus?


Ahh OK sorry its a different documentary
This the one I saw, it was 2015

:small_blue_diamond:@Sloop_John_B,…Checked up on Wikipedia…

…where it says Wim Wenders.
Also on Swedish TV,.Wim Wenders stands as executive producer.

•Sjb,…Where have you received the name Hans Nostradamus from.?


:small_blue_diamond:Ok,.It’s the one from 1996.


it was a joke Peder. Nostradamus, you should check. He predicted the end of the world or other things


:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…Thanks,.for the explanation and the picture.

But how the h-ll :wink:,should I know it’s a joke.?
I do not understand this approach,.and,it is also about respect against each other and each other’s time.
I have said it before,.we are from different countries, with different cultures, with different ways to joke etc,etc.
We must all strive to make ourselves understood,.also you from the UK,as this is an international forum.

For you from the UK can hardly demand that we shall understand your jokes to 100%,.in the same way that we in Sweden,and the rest of the world can not demand it from you from the UK.

Had there been inserted an emoji here after the “joke”,.well then I had understood that it was a joke.
And not had to take off my time,to go into Wikipedia and also Swedish TV to check this.
I do not understand that some are so conservative that they do not want to comprehend this,.it is ultimately a matter of consideration for each other.

:small_orange_diamond:But thank you for taking the time to explain to me Frenchrooster :+1:t2::smiley:.


Peder, the clue to it perhaps not being 100% serious was the quoted part saying the documentary was from 1918…

Erroneously I presumed everyone had heard of Nostradamus…

and I’m not from the UK, but would have been in 1918.

Lighten up :wink:



:small_blue_diamond:@Sloop_John_B,…Wow,.it must have been the automatic spelling-checker that has been “joked again”,.it’s far between 1918 and 2019 :grin:.

This was not directed solely to you,.more a general appeal.
I have heard of Nostradamus,.but thought not so far,when I had a little hurry.


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