It’s official Qobuz comes to Roon

At least according to Darko. Being rolled out from midday EST on 22nd January.

Looking forward to some direct hires streaming through Roon.


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It’s only official when Roon announce it. No doubt it’s coming. Has to be the worst kept secret. :slight_smile:


Just installed it…incredible good! You will love it…you‘ll see your linrary and below the albums in qobuz…SQ is much better too!

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Signed up for another free trial. Now I can direclty compare the two services easily to really judge if there is any sq advantage to one over the other. Not noticed any up to this point but it’s hard to compare when they were using different tech and path to get there.

Will be very interested in your experiences re gapless playback

It will be gapless as Roon does nothing but Gapless.

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Thanks you for the news sjb, so happy yo see Qobuz in Roon after all the long time coming.
Signed in and integration is spinning up

Yo, and there are new selection tabs for Composers and Compositions. This is looking excellent.

So… can anyone actually confirm that it IS gapless on an NDX2 ?

Will try myself tonight, unable to do so right now - but am very interested.

Via Roon yes it is like Tidal

Thanks… looking forward to having a play with this tonight then. Already have Qobuz subscription and currently trialing Roon.

Same here. Done deal now for me partly because the Naimapp is not doing too well for me and this looks the completest control I can get.

Looks to me like Roon is streaming the full hi-Res version to my ND555 too… Tidal doesn’t do that!

…I am! …sounds utterly wonderful :blush:

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Neither does Qobuz for anything above 24/96 on bubbleupnp via Lumin in fairness, I had that on the list to try tonight so that’s one less job. From a TIDAL perspective, does Roon handle MQA and to what level?

I downloaded Roon this morning on trial as Qobuz was the deal breaker for me and so far I have been impressed. Wasn’t sure how to transfer files from my Unitiserve to Roon so in the end used the back up on my NAS which worked fairly quickly. However the ‘transfer’ to Roon metadata is more than a bit annoying, having spent a considerable time getting it to my requirements on the Unitiserve, it was not ideal having to spend half a day getting it right again but there we go.

Yes it handles MQA and will perform the first unfold to 88.2/24 or 96/24. You need an MQA DAC to get 176/24 or 192/24. But others report using DSP upsampling in Roon to take it up to that is remarkably good.

Are they flacs or Wavs?

Yes! Yes ! Yes!

Thanks for posting this. :smiley:

Let’s hope Qobuz can give Tidal a run for their money, to be honest I suspect Tidal may be having collywobbles today :smiling_imp:

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