It seems the planet is in safe hands. Here’s to the future!

Judging by the way Reading festival goers left the site over the weekend, comprising mostly of young men and women, it seems the planet is in safe hands. Here’s to the future!


The tents are probably so inexpensive they can’t be bothered to pack them up. :slightly_frowning_face:

The planet was well a good f$%d long before they came along.


Lots of the tents get broken by roaming gangs of kids. So it’s not worth taking a good one or bringing home a broken one.

The irony is I’m sure 70% of them say they support Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and berate people who don’t wipe their bums with dead leaves.


Not surprised, big festivals are for tossers.


Please … Green leaves …
I find the dead leaves just break apart. :slight_smile:


For sure. And I find that talking to my daughters about whats coming in not so many years, makes them quite anxious as none of us can do anything substantial about it.

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Yeah, fair enough, we might as well make it heaps worse.

Why single out one group of people?

All on this forum have played their part. A quick look at some threads will show blatant displays of excessive consumption, especially with travel.

Glasshouses and all that.


They’ll all go home burning wood stoves in Notting Hill lol

They learned from the best.

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Hmmm but I’ve never once chucked a tent away in a field… or in fact ever littered for that matter.

We’ve all contributed by being members of a generation of ignorance or wishful thinking, I agree, but glasshouses? I hope no one on the forum has trashed a field.


Hardly crime of the century.

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Good album!

I’ve been trashed in a field does that count…

The festival organisers sell ‘festival tents’ as merch at a lot of these things…


Both vandalism, which is worse and where do these “youngsters” learn it? Perhaps we all need to take a look at ourselves and the society we and our parents have created.


Don’t worry there’s plenty of room in landfill and the oceans to dispose of all that plastic.

There must be thousands of people in Pakistan just now who would welcome one of those tents.

I can’t find the posts on this subject: HMSPOW. Apologies. But the world is in a sad state if a multi million pound ship bends on of its propellers on the bottom of the sea.