It's A Square World

Currently watching Michael Bentine’s Potty Time on DVD

Thought I’d post this YouTube video of a clip from “It’s A Square World”

Hope you like it.


I used to love watching that. It was great.

I vaguely recall Its a Square World and Michael Bentine, but in name only rather than ant detail at all - not surprisingly perhaps as that particular example was when I was only 9, and probably way above my head. A few years older and I am sure I would have loved it!

Interestingly watching that what struck me was how close it was at the start to the computer graphics of early computer games …some 15 years or more later!

I remember “and welcome to the eight corners of the earth”.

4 corners would only apply to a flat Earth.
The title of the show should of course have been Its a Cubic World

Here’s another clip from that show. How many actors can you identify without cheating by looking at the credits? :thinking:

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