Its all changed!

Well this is strange. I go away for a few weeks and everything is different! Are you all still arguing about Brexit or have we shelved that too?

It has changed a bit hasn’t it. And in some ways it hasn’t. The main thing is that there is a good smattering of new faces.

Just so long as your music from your RP8 is still good :slight_smile:

Welcome back.


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There was a Brexit thread, but I blocked it, and neither know nor care whether or not it’s still running. Welcome to your new, highly configurable forum!

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There is a Brexit thread and it is still running.

Most people who contribute are having a discussion or seeking clarification. See for example Ken C with his latest post there.

As was quoted on HIGNFY last night - anyone who is tired of Brexit, is tired of life.

Fortunately, it’s not mandatory to take part in the discussion, nor even to read it. :sunglasses:


Welcome back, @dayjay . Yep, different format but same topics, including Brexit :grinning: Life would be boring if we didn’t have something to argue about.

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