It's my birthday



Many happy returns!


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Cool shades…happy birthday😁

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Aw 'ra best oan yur burfday! :grinning:

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Have a great one.

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Have a very wonderful day! …and hope you enjoy many, many more…

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You look younger than expected! Have a fab one. :facepunch:t3:

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Lovely. Wishing you a very Hpapy Bthuthutday as Wol put it!

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Happy birthday (although it was probably yesterday here) :+1:

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Have a great one !!!

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Um, Happy Birthday Vanessa-Mae?!

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Thanks everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

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Btw, we’re Hindus and the reason for the long hair is because this was part of my Mundan. Mundan, the act of shaving the first hair on the head is a mandatory tradition among Hindus. During the Mundan ceremony the barber shaves the first hair of an infant. Hindus do this any time after four months to three years old.

Having said the last time I had a hair cut was in February. With the lockdown and now being busy my hair are now back to square one :grin:


Every day is a school day. Thanks for the info on the Hindu tradition.

Its all too late for me now though, even with lockdown, haircuts are not an issue, I only have about 6 left on my head!!

Thanks for sharing your photos - happy birthday

It is late,I know but… tantissimi auguri anyway!!

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