It's past midnight

I have a Naim XS, PMC Twenty 23, Rega Planar 3 with Ortofon 2M blue into Stageline, and Naim ND5XS

In a few posts recently, I have seen comment that most run their Naim Supernait or XS amps at no higher than 9 o’clock and there seems to be stern comment if you edge up to 10 o’clock on the volume. Last night I noticed my XS is well past 12 when playing records. Should I be concerned. incidentally, I am sorely tempted to go for one of the many Supernait 2s that are at favourable prices.

With vinyl replay you’ll be operating higher up the range of the volume pot, mainly because the Stageline will output somewhere around typical line level (depending on the output of the cartridge), whereas CD/digital outputs much higher at 2V or sometimes more.

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Mine is at about 10 to 10.30 and that is loud, with Stageline running from Aux2. But I live in a flat with neighbours all around and have efficient speakers.

The volume setting on your Nait is going to depend on the size of your room, how loud you like your music and the sensitivity of your PMCs.

I reckon you are on the high end of normal.

Can’t comment on SN2.

Thanks for both your comments. My room is 12x12 foot and I play it at around 90dB, which I guess must be quite loud. I am lucky that I am end of terrace and you can’t hear it when in the neighbour’s house.

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Midnight on my system when playing vinyl is loud, but not outrageous.

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If you like it loud with grunt, the SN2 is your friend.

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