Ive been getting a bit p**sed off!

As the title says… my ND5xs that I love has been dropping out really really frequently. I’m a luddite so I just say F**k It! and womble out to the shed and play with my motorbike instead. Just now it was doing it continuously regardless of the station. I’ve had enough I thought as I poured another Asahi. Then I wandered over to the machine and looked at it. I mean I really looked at it…and the Wi Fi router that is 2 metres away…I thought line of sight from the router aerials to the ND5 dongle is interrupted by the power cable as the Wi Fi dongle is horozontal. The ND5 Dongle is now erect in a vertical manner and I’ve not heard any dropouts…fingers crossed its as simple as an erection.
And yes it was I who lay the dongle flat so I couldn’t see it…


Never mind. Confession is good for the “soul”, allegedley.

Say seven Hail Verekers and put ten bob in the box.


If the router is 2 metres away why not hard wire it?


That was exactly my reaction too, even if only temporarily to identify whether it’s a WiFi issue or not.


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2 meters away with a large ranch slider between. Wife approval factor zero.

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