I've gone round in a circle. Is there anything new?

I first started to stream music in 2010.
I started off with a UnitiServe, and a Qnap 1 bay NAS. I then upgraded to a ND5 XS. All my ripped CDs were put on the NAS. I think I was using Twonky on the NAS.

Tried Minim Server, but personally found it went way beyond my IT skills.

I then tried Asset uPnP with good results.

In 2019 my Qnap NAS was on it’s last legs, so went down the ‘Roon’ route. I bought a Nucleus with a SSD for stored music files. Perfect…almost!

I’ve moved house, and the Nucleus is causing me grief. It doesn’t like the BT Hub that I have (I have started a Topic on the Hub) In short, I have an ‘Exchange Line’ which is all copper. For some reason the Nucleus doesn’t like it.

So now I’m thinking another NAS, perhaps a silent one. Still having Roon Server?

Within a couple of weeks my new NDX 2 should arrive. Wouldn’t want to upset it with a Rubbish network.
I’ve more or less gone a full circle. Is there anything new out there, something different to consider? Bearing in mind my poor quality phone line.

Before ditching the Nucleus for another Roon Server I would temporarily use your PC/laptop as Roon server (deauthorizing the Nucleus) to determine whether you have a HW or network set up issue. Have you for example played with DNS etc as per Roon recommendations?

Thanks for your reply. No I haven’t.

I spent all day yesterday doing various tests.
Roon Core on my iMac via Wi-fi. Dropouts and Reboots of the Hub every 15-20 minutes.
Roon core on my iMac. Hard wired to the Hub, Rock solid, no issues.

I’d replace your free BT Hub with a third-party router. The BT Hub is better than most ‘freebie’ routers, but still seems to cause more issues than a decent model from a router specialist.

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Thank you Clare…One of the problems I have is the actual phone line. It’s copper all the way from the exchange, not from the green box in the road. (with fibre) This why BT gave me the HH4 Type A, and not the Smart Hub 2.
I have already had the HH4 replaced last week.

I’d personally never use the low-cost gear an internet service provider offers, but understand this is special circumstances.

When you get your NDX 2, our support team can run a network diagnostic for you, to pinpoint any issues.

Is there no way you can get that Fibre connection? (From Virgin if not from BT.)

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That would be great, thanks :+1:

I live on a farm (rented) in Cambridgeshire, the middle of nowhere. The cable comes overland from the exchange. No chance of Fibre.

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Once you’re all set up, send them an email requesting a diagnostic - you can reference this thread.

They are insanely busy right now, but will get to it!

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That’s the really interesting one, and from what I understand from your posts elsewhere the Nucleus hardwired to the same Ethernet port with the same cables still causes resets. That does suggest that something weird is going on with the Nucleus. Hopefully the Roon guys can help. I think they can do remote diagnostics. Do you have a Nucleus version 1 or v. 2?

I thinks it’s v2, with two HDMI ports?

indeed, if Nucleus and Mac are both hardwired but display very different behaviours this is a topic for the Roon support forum https://community.roonlabs.com/

Yes, and the round metal on and off button. It’s better build quality on that one. The Ethernet ports seem a more solid fit, too.

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That is in hand @poulisgr. Thanks.

Clare, I have eero nodes and the (500) system wired directly from one of them. It is a high speed connection (fibre to the house) but i guess wireless from the main box. No connection issues but would direct wiring show a significant improvement?

Thanks in advance,


We only hard-wire our ND555 - Nova and Mu-so Qb happily working wirelessly, even with 24bit streams. If you’ve got a good network set-up, don’t fret re wiring unless it’s simple (in which case have a try and see what you think).

Thanks for the prompt reply!

After reading both threads have you considered a 4G router with an unlimited data sim then ditching the ADSL copper circuit?

If you live in a rural area using an outdoor 4G directional antenna performance may reach a decent speed.

Quick internet speed test outdoors using your mobile with the WiFi disconnected may give you an idea of what to expect.

The mobile signal here is terrible. 4G, more like 1G

Next door has radio internet, which I’m told is very expensive. Mind you, they run a farming business and are minted.

There is a chance that we will be moving just after Christmas, so I think I’ll hang fire.
I wasn’t sure if there was some kind of new super-duper NAS available.:thinking:

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