Ixo sbl compatibility

Can anyone tell me whether the IXO crossover is suitable for use with SBLs please?

Also confirm that the crossover frequency is 2.7kHz and input impedance is 10k. (what is the output impedance ?)

What is the difference between the IXO and the IXO-2


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Yes, provided it hasn’t been mucked around then the IXO should be fine for SBLs.

IXO2 was a planned for 5 series version that never actually made production.


Many thanks.

I used IXO and 2x140 in my first active system, first with Credo then SBL. It was quite fun as a low cost entry into active.



I won the IXO on ebay so looking forward to inserting before the power amps next week.

Hi Atyn,
what power amps are you going to be using?

NAP200 and below you may require ‘special active leads’ made to order from Naim - NAP250 & upwards not a requirement. Perhaps @Richard.Dane may wish to comment further.

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I found the active leads less of a requirement on the ixo than on the hicap / snaxo. It could be that I’m misjudging though since the ibls and sbls I tried it on are not on the same level as my Ovators.

Yes, active leads are really only needed when using the smaller amps (that would normally use a SNAIC4) with the SNAXO.

'.m not using Naim amps.

I am using Din to RCA cables and horizontal biamping.

Linn Lk100 or Quad306 (I’ll compare them) for the bass/mid and my Krell KSA50 clone derated to 15watts for the treble.

I’m building a passive preamp currently, using a motorised ALPS pot and Glassware Audio’s Akido tube buffer mainly to provide a low output impedance to drive both amps.

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