James Bowman RIP

Just heard that the legendary counter tenor, James Bowman, has passed away. A wonderful voice and an outstanding performer.

Very sad - a real icon and, arguably, the man who put countertenors on the musical map.

I haven’t listened to my CD of this for years, so I really now should:



I’d have said that was Alfred Deller, but very sad to see Bowman has passed away. IMO he was unmatched in the English Baroque repertoire, Purcell, Arne, Handel, for example, and will be greatly missed.

For a superb countertenor in the Bowman line, currently at the peak of his powers, I’d recommend Iestyn Davies. Hear him live if possible.


I said arguably because I knew that might be controversial! Deller was the trailblazer for sure, but I’d argue Bowman built on this hugely and really showed that countertenors weren’t just a novelty but deserved to be taken as seriously as any other voice type. That’s the sense in which I was referring to.


Bowman and Michael Chance were the iconic English counter tenors of 1980’s and 90’s

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