James Lovelock RIP

I first came across his ideas at UEA reading chemistry and environmental sciences in the late 70’s when we were studying CFCs and the ozone hole. Inspirational chap!


I must admit first coming across that concept in the superb BBC series ‘The Edge of Darkness’. A fascinating man.

PS - great memories of UEA (albeit 20ish years after you)

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Very sad to hear this.

His book was a revelation for me as a young student in the early 90’s. The Gaia hypothesis bought forward some incredibly important ideas and helped change the perception of how we see our planet.

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Very sad, a true pioneer and visionary. I remember first reading about the Gaia theory in the late 70s soon after it was published and it confirmed to me that climate change was real back then.

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The people who have read and studied the most, who have best understood our world and our place in it, who know more with a quality of wisdom …, unfortunately are leaving us …, more and more in the hands of interns.

This has always been. There are and will be more people around to follow on and build on his work.

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