japanese pressed vinyl is way overrated...

…change my mind

i have a few dozen i’ve picked up here and there and they all lack warmth and bass
sometimes good but more often disappointing while i can honestly say i’ve never regretted
the thousands of canadian albums i bought over the years at much lower cost

pros: nice hard covers, tend to be in nice shape as i expect most collectors don’t play them, slightly quieter vinyl, good detail

cons: thin, cold, bright, fatiguing, expensive

It’s a generalisation and thus not especially helpful. Like Japanese CDs some are terrible and some are the best there is. It also changes over time. What was true last year may not be true this.


With your system, which I presumably mostly Naim.

Maybe they sound superb played on a system the average Japanese audiophile is using. :thinking:

Agreed Mike. - I have purchased some Japanese so called CD remasters of classics - absolutely terrible - generally speaking

However a few that are excellent

You ride the wave

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Indeed: I tend to not generalize opinions regarding SQ , when only small numbers are involved

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