Jazz Music Thread

This Jazz journey is relatively new to me but so far these are the artists and style of music I’m really enjoying:

Chet Baker
Art Farmer
Stan Getz
Oscar Peterson

If I’d known that these artists existed way back then I’d probably have 100-200 album’s just by them.


I must admit I have listened to a few of his beforehand and did not really like them. They were a little too aggressively played for me (sorry folks, I know he is a legend :smile:)
However, as you mentioned he played many styles and I’m sure if I delved deeper I’d find something I like.
I’m going to concentrate my collection on Chet Baker, Art Farmer, Stan Getz and Oscar Peterson as I’m really loving their music.
I’m sure I’ll find more artists along the way :saxophone: :trumpet: :musical_keyboard:

How about Birth Of The Cool


Hmm, just previewed several tracks via Discogs.

TBH, I’m not that keen. There is a certain ‘tone’ I hear that I don’t like and I’m just not getting the same feeling as when I first heard Chet.
Really sorry :disappointed:, I have nothing against MD but for some reason I’m not liking his style. However, I do realise that I’m in a minority. :see_no_evil: :man_shrugging:


No need to be sorry, like what you like, dislike what you dislike. I was a bit surprised to hear you say you find Miles sound aggressive though (his later recordings maybe), do you find that with Kind Of Blue?
I can see how you might find Chet an easier listen, he does have quite a romantic sound for want of a better description but his later recordings were very patchy due to drug addiction and having his jaw broken by a drug dealer, which was one of the reasons he switched to singing.

Btw you might be interested in the film Born To Be Blue starring Ethan Hawke as Chet Baker.

@Bobthebuilder is probably this forums number one Chet fan, he can probably give you some good recomendations

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One of my favourites


Many thanks for the film reference, definitely going to check it out. :grin:

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You may also find this one of interest - Live at Ronnie Scott’s with Elvis Costello & Van Morrison ?

I’m listening to this at the moment, and although not audiophile SQ that goes with the territory for a lot of Chet’s recordings

  • enjoy !


One of the greats…

Another three CDs, takes my Oscar Peterson collection to fourteen now. :muscle:


A few more CDs for my Chet collection:



You tube has a concert featuring Stanley and Chesney.
Search under Stan Getz Chet Baker Stockholm 1983.


On the ‘Together’ album Desmond & Baker are superb !?

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Listening to this one just now - think you may enjoy it !?

Chet Baker (t)
Bud Shank (as)
Hal Galper, Phil Markowitz (p)
Ron Carter (b)
Ben Riley (d)


FYI: Ralph Towner has a new album out on ECM, At First Light. It’s his first new album since 2017’s My Foolish Heart (which is great). I am streaming the 24/96 Qobuz release now (on my home office Atom). It sounds great so far. Will replay later on the full system.

I hope he does a tour. He usually comes to St. Louis when he tours the states. A friend and student of his is on faculty at Washington University. We have seen him perform there twice since My Foolish Heart came out.


@Nick1940 and @Ian , many thanks for the recommendation. :+1:

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Hey Dave
How about this ?
Amazing bass


I think you have hit the nail on the head from my personal perspective. That ‘romantic’ sound just does it for me and I was immediately hooked :grin:

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Just out.


Thanks Richard. Streaming on Qobuz/Roon.