Jazz Music Thread

Gorgeous sound; a perfect record. Very hard to find in the wild these days, even the very nice OJC reissues.

Just listened to Miles 58 and now on this

Suits a laid back afternoon watching rain showers and rainbows.


Cd boxset lives here :+1:t2:

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Blicher Hemmer Gadd - It will be alright

Very intriguing album with a very unique style.


Found this too:



Added to my Favourites on Qobuz, ready to listen to.


It’s great.

I know some of this music from the individual albums that were made from these 3 sessions, but I have never listened to them in chronological order.

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For any Bill Evans fans, this trio is definitely worth a listen.


On it…of course.

Spiral Dance and The Windup outstanding


Fantastic recording. Thanks

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Fantastic set. I also have a number of MFSL SACDs of the original albums. The mixes are often different.

I have Workin’, Cookin’, and Relaxin’ in various audiophile incarnations. For some reason I never picked up a digital version of Steamin’, although I had it on vinyl back in the day.

Did you sell your vinyl?

I sold about half of mine a few years ago to fund hifi upgrades.

Many years ago.


On Qobuz but different cover.

Took over Hodges chair in the Ellington orchestra after Johnny pegged it in the dentist waiting room.

Much influenced by Hodges but Duke often used his flute playing.
Got the arse with a poorly Duke one night, picked up his instruments and walked off the stand. Perhaps he had a well paid Broadway pit job in view.

Enough scandal. The Alto/ trombone pairing is unusual. Gently swinging and well recorded half hour.


Belgian jazz pianist, Nathalie Loriers…


stones bandcamp
Listen to ''Little Queen of Spades"
to me this is what Jazz is all about, taking a song from a complete different genre, (ok the blues is the origin…) and making it personal. incredible.

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Koop, Swedish duo that I didn’t know and that I heard by chance on Jazz Radio Schwarzenstein. I decided to deepen their knowledge and streamed these two interesting albums.