Jb I radio 2 not connecting?

Anyone know why jb radio 2 has suddenly stopped working? Thanks

Neither of my flac streams are working here in the states. JBR2 is not the most reliable in recent years so I end up moving on to another station when it’s not working. I can’t speak to the “why” part of your query.

same here, been like that for a while now, its always been a bit flakey

Hi all,

JBRadio went off line on all their streams earlier today for quite a few hours. Nothing to do with us - dog chewed the network cable or similar :slight_smile:

Now working again.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Just this second got a reply from them saying it’s back on! :laughing:

Spotify appears to offline in the UK currently, anyone else seen this?

Hmm, hi def stream still awol here, when I try to connect on my NDX2 it throws everything out and I have to change over to another source and then back to iradio to clear it

Mine is working ok and so is Spotify so far

It maybe classed as being a bit flakey in operation, but it has the best SQ :+1::+1::+1: imho.

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