JB Radio 2 FLAC stream

Hi JB Radio 2 FLAC stream is back again at https://maggie.torontocast.com:8076/flac but I’m not able to make it work on my Uniti Nova. I used the pre-set FLAC and AAC links as well as I setup my added station in the vTuner but none of them seem to work. Any suggestion how to make this work?

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I also tried what you said and it didn’t work. So I just click on the AAC link on their website and stream it from the iPad to my Atom. As for the Flac version they don’t even show this option on their website. Not sure how you can think this is working.

I pasted that link in to BubbleUPnP and sent it to my streamer and Bubble is reporting it as ogg not flac. Working fine though and sounding pretty good

Most lossless iRadio is FLAC in an Ogg wrapper rather than just straight FLAC, so that’s probably correct.

Thanks for the useful suggestion. Is there an alternative to BubbleUPnP for iOS?

The link to their FLAC stream is from JB Radio 2 Facebook page

Yes The same link as before, but not working.
Looks like the Flac version is continuing with hiccups…

@Stevesky Naim Internet Radio Guru maybe able to shed some light

Pretty sure that the problem is at Naim end.

Sorry. I meant not at Naim end

It is working for me when I try to open it via Chrome browser from a Windows 10 but not working with anything else. Such a shame since they have a great music but never stop fiddling with things which causes constant problems.

it’s working for me.

I can see that you use some sort of UPnP as opposed to the preset link from the Naim HD Sound preset radio stations if I’m not mistaken. Could you please share some more details how to make this work? Many thanks in advance.

I’m on a legacy streamer and do it two ways.

UPnP - Minimserver app on a NAS and use a playlist (m3u) file in the media folder of NAS. From the Naim app open the playlist in the Minimserver /UPnP and save it as a playlist on the Naim app. Works solid for me except for when I forget I need to refresh the playlist in the Naim app menu after I make changes. :smiley:

The other way is by adding the station in vtuner using Kurt’s cloud station listing. See this thread. The SQ on his FLAC streams is top notch.

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Many thanks @ElMarko very much appreciated. The @Kurt cloud station listing worked for me. At this moment this is the only way I can play JB Radio on my Nova since none of the AAC or FLAC pre-sets work anymore. I hope Naim do something about it.

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Works fine for me on current gen. streamers (QB2 and NDX2) so maybe you have an issue at your end?

You’re quite right, using foobar2000 to examine the stream details it is reporting as 16 bit 48000 Hz flac

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Hi @VinoVeritas

The issue is due to that a root certificate of the LetsEncrypt service expired, as they switched to a different one. This has then stirred up a bug in one of the opensource components that the streamer uses where it wasn’t switching to alternative certificate properly. For details on the LetsEncrypt thing see:

JB Radio 2 uses the above and hence fails to play.

We’ve done a code update that will resolve this - I believe it should be out as a v3.7.1 next week + also soaks up a few other things in v3.7 at the same time. The Muso/Qb Gen2 had an update for this in software release v4.2.2.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Hi @Stevesky,
What do you mean with certs? I opened a plain vanilla SSL socket to the HTTPS link and that’s basically it. No worries with certificates…

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JB radio Flac showing only song data. No artist.
Anyone else seeing this problem?
Regular 320aac has both