JB Radio2 metadata

Just noticed that the lack of metadata, for JB Radio2, is now working again, via Naim app. Whoever fixed this at Naim Audio, then a big thank you to you. :+1::ok_hand:

Are you talking about the mp3 or the flac stream?
I have none on the flac stream but it is on mp3.

Don’t wish to remove any Naim credit but I suspect Naim show it if it is broadcast.

Showing metadata on Flac stream via Naim app. :blush:

They do not show it if broadcast. As it showed on Roon, but not Naim. Stevesky of Naim, gave an explanation for this. So, either Naim have done some change or JB have changed the encoding of their metadata.

Is the Flac stream with metadata, working for you now?

No but I do not have a Naim streamer.
URL is

Keeping up with JB Radio2 urls is like β€œwack-a-mole”!

Yes, I agree with your observation. I only put up with the idiosyncrasies of the station, for the music choice, non interruption of the music and the sound quality. I do not know why, but the JB Radio2 sound quality is far superior to most Flac stream radio stations out there, to my ears.

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You can bet that they are applying DSP and volume leveling. It’s a 16/48 flac stream which is unusual and I agree, they have a very good sounding stream.

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Not sure about the volume levelling, as some tracks do sound louder than others. As for DSP being used, I have no idea. I did contact the station once, but the reply was very slow and dare I say almost automated

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